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Xelorians - Space Shooter v1.2.8 [1.2.8] APK

Xelorians - Space Shooter
Xelorians is a shoot’em up inspired by arcade console games of the 90s . I have created this game as a tribute to Tyrian for PC.
Before purchasing the full version, check if the demo version works properly on your device.

How to play?
  • Move around the screen by holding the indicator with a finger.
  • When you remove your finger from the indicator, the game will pause.
  • Collect everything from the rotating rings and the yellow Xelor crystals.
Avoid everything else.

  • First episode, 6 exciting and highly dynamic stages 
  • 30 types of enemy units
  • 3 difficulty modes
  • 8 types of strong weapons
  • 6 bosses
  • 6 electronic soundtracks 
  • Camera zooming 
  • Bullet time (including sound)
Due to the technological development and discovery of the red matter in 2021, colonization of Mars became a fact. Developing the new time theory enabled controlling its existing form. The world has changed thanks to that! Machines which slow down the time are a permanent element of the human life.

In 2026, just after establishing the EIA (Earth Interplanetary Alliance) and determining the space law, people started to make regular trips into space. Thanks to the minerals obtained during the explorations of other planets, the technological development continues to pick up pace.
15 years later, at the beginning of 2036 after intercepting an unusual signal from an unknown civilization, the EIA Ministry assigned all its financial and logistic resources in order to make another contact..

Unfortunately, the Xelorians turned out to be uninterested in the diplomatic contact with humans and the only activity which they were willing to take towards human beings was to begin military action.

What's in this version: (Updated : May 24, 2012)
  • Fixed bug where after finishing a stage - game hanged on loading scene
  • Bug fixes
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

42.5 Mb APK
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